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Turn the P.A.G.E.

Vision Board Workshops

If you feel like the vision to your future seems murky, our Vision Board Workshops can help you.


Vision Boards are made of colorful and clear images, pictures, and words that can be viewed daily. They can help you clearly visualize your future and maintain your focus on personal and professional goals.


Completing a Vision Board Workshop inspires and motivates you because it provides you with a visual representation of your expectations, goals and desires and serves as a daily reminder of all the things you want to achieve.

Find Your Superpowers

All of us have SUPERPOWERS within us — we just need to understand what they are!


The Personality Assessment Workshop allows clients to understand their personality as well as that of others and create strong personal character and a positive self-image. Learning the personalities will dramatically change how you interact with others as you understand what others want rather than you  giving  them what you want them to have.


After you have successfully completed the Personality Assessment Workshop, you will see your relationship with your family, friends, students, mentors, team members, and managers change for the better.


ABOUT Carolyn


“I have known Carolyn for years through networking and working on projects together. She is an amazing woman with a genuine soul who is kind and ethical, working with integrity and honor. Her workshops are fun and informative.”


Christina T.

Spring, TX

“Carolyn is the most genuine person you'll ever meet. She is truly invested in you and wants the very best for you. Attending her vision board workshop or any of her other workshops are investments of yourself and time that are worth way more than you pay. Don't miss out on knowing and learning from Carolyn.”

Angela C.

The Woodlands, TX



“Carolyn provides motivation, inspiration and challenges you to be the best you can be. She is a powerful woman with a heart to serve others!”




Erica J.

The Woodlands, TX

7 Quick Tips To Help You Get Motivated!

Outshine, Outshining, OutSHINEize

The Personal Development Coaching Programs were designed for women who are struggling to achieve their goals in a masterful, fun, and rewarding way.