ABOUT Carolyn

Kiki Aristidou Koymarianos

Out of your head into your Journal 

Kym Harris

Out of your head into your Journal 

"I have known Carolyn for years through networking and working on projects together. She is an amazing woman with a genuine soul who is kind and ethical, working with integrity and honor. Her workshops are fun and informative." ​

Christina T.

Spring, TX

"I am a Professional Home and Office Organizer and have met many wonderful people these past 4 years. I wanted to learn about the different types of personalities and Carolyn gave excellent identifiers of all types at her workshop on The Personalities. In enjoyed interacting with the others in the workshop and listening to their stories as well as sharing some of my own experiences. I wanted to learn how to have better relationships in my work and personal life and she made suggestions and examples that I can apply in my own life. Thank you Carolyn and I look forward to attending more of your workshops.​"

Diane T.

The Woodlands, TX

“Carolyn is the most genuine person you'll ever meet. She is truly invested in you and wants the very best for you. Attending her vision board workshop or any of her other workshops are investments of yourself and time that are worth way more than you pay. Don't miss out on knowing and learning from Carolyn.”​

Angela C.

The Woodlands, TX

"Carolyn provides motivation, inspiration and challenges you to be the best you can be. She is a powerful woman with a heart to serve others!​"

Erica J.

The Woodlands, TX

"Is there one person who through divine order happened into your life? For me, that would be Carolyn! She helped me find the answers to those questions that I was pondering, year after year. She is a true inspiration. With her knowledge and expertise, she has encouraged me and motivated me to stay focused as I mapped out a new direction both personally and professionally. Thanks, so much Carolyn, I could not have done it without you."​

E. G.

Charlotte, NC

"Dynamic woman with excellent skills and passionate heart. You would do well to learn from such a learned individual!!"​

Toni S.

Bossier City, LA